4 Ways To Reduce Home Allergens

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July 30, 2020
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August 2, 2020

Allergies are no fun for anyone. Whether your symptoms are caused by dust mites, dander or mold, here are four simple ways to reduce allergens in your home.

Change Your Filters

Your home and other appliances throughout it rely on air filters in order to help keep the air and environment clean of excessive dust, dirt and pollutants. Make sure to regularly change the filters in your HVAC system. Because the HVAC system and air ducts are responsible for how air is carried throughout a home, any issues in the system can mean allergens wafting from room to room.

Dust smart

When dusting, clean from top to bottom to avoid spreading dust on areas you just cleaned. Also, don’t just brush the dust away with a feather duster or cloth. Use a surface cleaner to trap dust and leave your surfaces clean.

Close the Windows

One way to keep your home allergen-free is to stop them from entering in the first place. That makes your windows the first line of defense. Keep these allergens from entering your home, and then reduce the allergens that are already present with the three tips below.

Reduce Humidity
Another way to improve allergens and indoor air quality is to keep humidity levels stable year-round throughout the home. Reducing the humidity in your home limits these allergens’ ability to grow.

Do you need to make your home allergen-free? Contact us, and we’ll find the best filters, air purifiers and HAVC solutions.